IDRF focuses on developing innovative solutions in oral health education, research and service to address the challenges associated with them. The primary focus will be to undertake cutting-edge research and develop strategies to address the significant unmet needs of marginalised communities.

Research programs will be targeted to facilitate improved oral health in societies across the country. Key issues include oral health policy and strategy, accessibility, workforce, skills mix, education and distribution and research oriented to healthcare needs and prevention.

IDRF plans to encourage researchers in the oral health disciplines to explore partnerships and form interdisciplinary research collaborations to address knowledge gaps in dental, oral and craniofacial diseases.

Oral health determinants being inter-sectoral, IDRF plans to support collaborations with relevant programs of Government. We will also emphasize on oral health promotion among the target groups of the society or population with special health care needs including children, adolescents, expectant mothers, geriatric, poor & marginalized populations.
1 Tobacco control
1.1 Raising awareness on harmful effects of tobacco through developing/adapting & disseminating tobacco control advocacy materials among IDA members and other oral health workforces
1.2 Building capacity of IDA members and other oral health workforces on tobacco cessation approaches (including smokeless tobacco products)
2 Oral health
2.1 Development and dissemination of guidelines & tools for detection of oral precancerous/cancerous conditions & lesions, also developing “National oral cancer registry”
2.2 Promoting inclusion of oral health as part of healthy lifestyle through raising awareness on NCD among IDA members and other oral health workforces
2.3 Undertaking “National Oral Health Survey” and “National Oral Health Professional survey”


Indian Dental Association partners with many organizations and individuals who are pioneers in the fields of dental research, development, decision making, public health and management and overall development of the country.

IDA is committed to improve patient care through education and research as we work directly with product manufacturers, opening a dialogue of thoughts, ideas and solutions to provide the dental community and their patients with the best a profession can offer. Our plethora of publications should reach every Internet user or reader of dentistry.

Indian Dental Research Foundation strives to establish and maintain mutually productive relationships with cooperative research groups, federal and industry sponsors. Our centralized clinical, financial and regulatory services facilitate the timely start-up and execution of clinical trials conducted under the supervision of IDRF.

Our strong partnership with the marketing department helps to ensure community awareness. Our comprehensive and centralized standard operating procedures helps in consistent and compliant research conduction across the oral health system.

IDRF plans to involve individuals from different teams, disciplines and backgrounds, whether within the same organizations or externally. Opinions from various points of view help eliminate bias and widen perspectives. This allows generating ideas that might help to understand the oral healthcare ecosystem. It can bring a host of benefits to both the team and the members involved.

IDRF focuses on the community-based collaboration at the grass-root level or the urban area involving the healthcare workers, beneficiaries, and gram-panchayats, to implement the oral healthcare activities and create the oral health awareness. The interaction will focus on exchanging ideas with the people from different expertise that can strengthen the communication and help in achieving optimal oral health.

The overall goal for the services of oral healthcare will be focused on preventive measures. This will include information on routine oral hygiene, encourage introduction of regular professional prophylaxis and improvements in overall wellbeing.

IDRF is dedicated to foster a culture of collaboration by developing strong partnerships with the community through networks, research projects, and advisory committees. Together we will promote a research environment where patients and community-based organizations are valued as research team members.

Our programs expand equitable access to clinical research for individuals from diverse backgrounds and across the lifespan from childhood into old age.

As the majority of the oral health care services in the country are rendered through the private sector, the Public-Private Partnerships are among the unique contributions that develop a framework which addresses disparities in the healthcare delivery and access to care in communities around the nation.

These partnerships blend political, economic and social forces to raise awareness of the oral health needs of a population and to provide inspiration for a public consciousness.

IDRF believes that effective PPP operate on a system of shared values, purpose and accountability. The collective and complementary talents of public health agencies and private industries are vital when the country plans to eliminate the oral health disparities.

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