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Indian Dental Association (IDA) has put forth a platform -- Indian Dental Research Foundation (IDRF) as a cornerstone for oral health professionals to reinforce the importance of biomedical research, public health research, and clinical trials. Its key feature is to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge from research to clinical practice.

IDRF is designed to foster and flourish the innovative ideas in dentistry and offers humongous opportunities in the current paradigm.Research is the only way to lead as we progress in this constantly changing world of dentistry. As time evolves, the problems, expectations, and demands of the people in India and around the world progresses simultaneously. We are now facing, more than ever, a rapidly growing need to develop new solutions to our oral health problems. This necessitates consistent efforts from oral healthcare professionals to participate in Oral Health Research and add to our present understanding of issues.

Indian healthcare is organized into a three-tier system catering to primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of care; wherein, the oral health care system has essentially been a sub-specialty of medicine rather than a unique or separate entity.

The rising burden of craniofacial and oral health problems demands contribution from the entire community of healthcare professionals. We look forward to build a sync between finding solutions and meeting expectations of general public demands as we move ahead with time.

The importance and significance of good oral health have not been completely realized and understood in our society. Oral diseases affect the most basic human needs such as the ability to eat and drink, swallow, maintain proper nutrition and communicate. Oral health and overall health and well-being are inextricably connected; it goes hand in hand.

The impact of science and technology on healthcare has undoubtedly been remarkable. Interdisciplinary research that optimally utilizes science and technology is the exclusive tool through which we can obtain the antidote to all our problems. It offers great opportunity for tremendous innovation in oral healthcare and considerably promisesto enable entirely new models in healthcare both within and outside of formal care systems. Importantly, it provides the prospect to have a large public health impact.

We encourage dental healthcare professionals to participate in research studies and add knowledge to our present understanding of issues.This will not only reinforce the importance of research among the dental professionals of our nation but also help in growth and development of dentistry in India.

Today dentistry does not retain itself in the confinements of one to one 'Dentist-Patient' relationship. It has become a web that involves an intermingling of not only dental and dental allied sciences but also an intermesh of supplementary sciences like information technology, biomedical engineering, genetic engineering, pharmacology, and therapeutics, etc. Hence, this age is witnessing a huge renaissance which is in momentum set by innovative minds.


The vision of Indian Dental Research Foundation encompasses achieving excellence in oral health by promoting education, research, and patient care in society with joint efforts of dental as well as allied health sciences.


The mission of the Indian Dental Research Foundation is committed to improving oral health through innovative research and timely transfer of research outcomes in order to enhance dental technology, dental practice and dental public health

We accomplish our mission by:

Seeking advance oral health for every citizen of India accomplished by supporting and promoting science in its most meticulous and complete form. Thereby, meeting the changing needs of the society and promoting well-being of the Nation.

  • Expanding the perspective of prevention and making it more innovative and pragmatic to apply in the given situation of the community.
  • Fostering the knowledge of research in the innovative minds by incorporating the concept in the dental curriculum.
  • Development and support of multidisciplinary approach in science and research activities.
  • Promoting the timely transfer of knowledge gained from research and its implications on oral health to the general population, oral health professionals, and policymakers.
  • Encouraging research training and career development programsto drive youth into the mainstream of research, thus making it a promising career option for them.
  • Coordinating with other scientific groups and communities for multiple and enhanced research benefits.
  • Coordinating with the policymakers and related people or organisation for the public application of research results.

Core Values

IDRF aims to improve the oral health of the public by investing in public health research that develops advanced scientific and technological solutions to current oral health problems. We shall direct our efforts keeping the following core values as our foundation:

SCIENCE: We focus on encouraging an approach of scientific inquiry in the current and future dental professionals by providing them with the necessary infrastructure for discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

TRUST: Our resources and programs will be managed, conducted, and evaluated in a manner that upholds the trust placed in us by the public and professionals.

SOCIETY: The sole objective of the research and development carried under the aegis of IDRF would aim to meet the benefit of alarger part of the society.

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